Effission MFG

A Complete software for Jewellery Manufacturer

Effission MFG is an extension to Effission 3.0 and manages manufacturing along with wholesale and retail. The solution effectively and efficiently addresses the complexities associated with in-house manufacturing allowing you to take complete control of the manufacturing process from your desktop.

The solution contains all of the features of wholesale and retail, plus a set of specific and standard tools for manufacturing and export. Effission MFG enables you to efficiently control your manufacturing unit by managing work orders, precious inventory, production flow and monitoring every stage of production—from product development to shipping finished goods. At every stage, the system is equipped with powerful tools to enable you in making faster and better decisions.

  • System administration
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Contract Manufacturing (Job-working)
  • Accounts
  • Utilities
  • Reports

Calculate Performace

What if analysis, cotractor performance and comparision, trasaction history

WIP on the GO

Live WIP status windows track all your orders with only One-Click

Integrated BI

Quantitative and qualitative business intelligence.

Integrated Backup

Backup and restore data quickly, easily and without technical knowledge.

Reports the way you want

An extensive range of standard and custom reports with different filters for each report. Multiple document level reports can be generated instantly on saving a document

Manage accounts with ease

fully integrated accounting. saves your time and provides more accurate reports