Effission Online | A Complete software for Jewellery Retailer

Effission Online first in class web based software for jewellery retailers. Effission Online is built and crafted specially for the retailers who need a compact yet efficient solution to automate Jewellery retailing operation of chain stores. An affordable, simple and effective solution that allows you to automate the routine tasks of your jewellery retail business and also accommodates your special requirements.

Everything that you want from a business solution

Effission online has everything that can expect from a business solution. so simple that you can get started just a few hours after it’s installed. It’s so easy that you don’t need expert knowledge to use it.

  • Admin
  • Stock
  • Catalogue
  • Order Booking.
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Schemes
  • BI Reports

Effission online allows each store or location to operate independently. You can gather data from all locations, collate it at the head office, and get consolidated reports that provide critical information about all aspects and intelligent decisions of your business throughout your organization. For example, get instant info about the fastest selling item for the previous month or outstanding payments and receipts.

Flexibility– Manage a single store business or multi store chain with the same effort.
Scalability- Effission online is built to accommodate your growing requirements as you expand from a single store operation to multiple location and stores.
Leverage your core competency- While you concentrate on your core activity, sales, you have the freedom to simultaneously mange other activities too.

Manage your finished goods inventory
Design your daily income statement as per your method and access it anytime anywhere.
Fully equipped and easy to use POS to manage Sales, Discounts, Offers, Incentives etc.,
Daily news about your business related.
Information at one push on mobile and many more.