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Effission Wholesale - 5.0

Complete software for Jewellery Wholesaler

Effission Wholesale - 5.0 delivers all the essential features that help Jewellers to make their customer feel privileged

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Mouse-based and mouse-free data entry. Innovative user interface.
Multiple company, location and currency for domastic and global operations.
An extensive range of standard and custom reports with different filters for each report. Multiple document level reports can be generated instantly on saving a document
Live WIP status windows track all your orders with only One-Click
Backup and restore data quickly, easily and without technical knowledge.
Fully integrated accounting. saves your time and provides more accurate reports


Effission 5.0 is a powerful software solution for jewelry wholesalers. It seamlessly manages the key areas of business, namely, Clients and Vendors, Inventory, Costing and Pricing, Sales and Distribution and Accounts—no matter what the complexity or volume of your business. Although it is specifically designed to manage the standard aspects of any jewelry wholesaler and retailer, it can be customized to the individual demands of your business.

Effission 5.0 simulates the actual workflow of your business by using technology to simplify and streamline everyday tasks so that you can focus better on decision-making. A simple user interface, key reports and MIS statistics and innovative tools make Effission 5.0 the most reliable virtual manager of your business.

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