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Effission Software has leveraged simple technology to create powerful solutions targeted at the jewelry business vertical. Since inception, the company chose to focus on developing its core competencies instead of diversifying into unfamiliar ventures. Our focus earned us an unsurpassable mastery of our chosen domain: gems and jewelry. In time, we earned a track record in delivering solutions that are easier and faster to implement, superior to the competition and competitively priced.

Our success is built on a profound knowledge of our domain and an objective to make technology a beneficial tool in the hands of its users. Several years of association with gems and jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and traders have provided us with a keen insight and a first-hand knowledge of this business vertical.As a member of the Effission client family, the owners of our solutions have profited from the value additions that are part of every Effission solution.

Our expertise is derived from sources as diverse as our clients, our technologists and experts and our business partners. The greatest benefit of using such varied expertise is the ability to standardize our solutions to cover the generic needs of any gems and jewelry business, yet facilitate make adequate allowances for customizing a solution suitable to the specific needs of an individual business.


real Time Inventory

Real Time Inventory

Realtime inventory movement, Stock in hand, on approval goods, goods in transit in just few clicks.

Secure and Scalable

Secure & Scalable

Multi Branch & Multi department supported, easy to configure user rights with complete audit trail.

MIS and BI


Integrated various MIS and Business inlelligence reports make your decision accurate and faster.

Technology to simplify and streamline everyday tasks

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real Time Inventory

What We Do?

The solutions created by Effission for the gems and jewelry business vertical use popular Microsoft Windows© development tools and the simple yet effective Client-Server environment.

Secure and Scalable

Why Effission?

Because our mission is to “ Make your business simple and efficient .” Frequently, solution architects and developers fail to address the real issues behind the need for technology.

MIS and BI

Mission & Vission

Effission is “Efficient Vision” a vision to efficiently manage business by using technology. Our solutions use technology as a facilitator. We believe that technology must help your business achieve its goals without changing the fundamental nature of your work.